2021 World Championship Valensia Spain



Because pandemic of the Corona virus in 2021, the World Ornithological Championship was not held in January, in Valencia, Spain, as planned and prepared.

There were also attempts by the COM Board of Directors in October 2020 to move the organization of the Championship from Spain to Portugal due to the currently more favorable situation with Corona in the city Santarem. However, due to the subsequent increase in the number of patients in Portugal, their government made a decision to ban travel and public gatherings and cancel all public events, and therefore abandoned this organization.

In parallel with the by giving up, the Board of Directors of COM made the decision to move the schedule of world championships for the next years, in relation to the planned ones, by one year. Thus, the World Championship in Valencia will be held in January 2022 instead of 2021.

We believe that everyone is happy and hopes for the end of the pandemic and the establishment of a normal life and work, and that we will quickly forget 2021, when there were no free movements, bird exhibitions and socializing among breeders.