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This text has been edited to the special edition of the C.O.M. parue lors du 50 years «MONDIAL» in Ypres en Belgique. (See below in Attacment, )

Well done, there are many interesting choices to mention in the subject of the school of the last few years and the period, preceded by the premier “World Cup”.

All reviews on this note are in a new document important from the C.O.M ..

This edition is available in sept langues for those who are able to understand the knowledge of plus countries.

I would like to thank you and all of them, Henk van der Wal, and all the people who have made the realization. The result is unique and proves that our C.O.M. the result of a great family.

A letter of recommendation to all of us is addressed to our Lode Tielens, who confesses to the contents of the archives of the relevant data. It was a great place, in the moment that the member of the C.D.-C.O.M., for a large part, was built with additional developments. Thanks to the whole, he can establish a compliment of poids on the facts of the last few years.

In the name of C.D.-C.O.M., it is possible to announce that we are very much of the realization of this operation. Pendant a period of five years before this work and for the whole, I saw all the skin, thank you all the world!

For the avenue, the rest of the pendant is still beautiful to do. Nous nous y mettrons encore une fois tous ensemble avec beaucoup de courage!

We are counting on your soutien and your help!


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I am publishing this video presentation in order to promote the importance of the World Ornithological Federation, which is present and very important in the world of aviculture and has about 50 members – COM federations from all over the world, southern and northern hemispheres!

COM History. Carlos Ramoa