Birds in nature

Consultants of this section: dr Milan Ružić, veterinarian, dr Slobodan Puzović, doctor of ornithology and mr Stefan Zdravković, ornitologist – amateur


is the task and obligation of all of us, individually and within the framework of organized protection through societies – organizations for the protection of birds in nature. To that end, at least minimal knowledge of birds, their habitats, their role and place in the ecosystem is required. We must not allow any species of birds to disappear by neglecting the necessary conditions for the life and reproduction of birds. That should be the primary task of all of us and especially bird lovers and protectors.

About 380 species of birds have been recorded in Serbia, which is a relatively large number of species, and about 240 species of them nest in our country.


Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia (BPSSS) Društvo za zaštitu i proučavanje ptica (DZZPS) – gathered professional and amateur ornithologists mainly from the territory of Serbian Province of Vojvodina and Serbia but members from all over the world are also welcome.
The Society is an organizer and participant in many actions and projects and is the publisher of two magazines, professional and popular – “Ciconia” and “Detlic”.
You can get more information about the work on the website: and if you are interested, you can easily become a member.