Sections A,B,C (C-1,C-2 and C-3) – Singing canaries

For a long time, this group of the Song Canary Section numbered only three sections: A, B and C and of course the three breeds of these birds.
However, that changed abruptly in January last year and in January this year at the worlds championships in Zwolle, the Netherlands in 2019 and Masinhos, Portugal, in 2020.
Namely, last year a new breed (race) from Spain called El cantor Espano (Spanish singer) was adopted and this year a new race from Serbia called SLAVUJAR (Serbian singer SLAVUJAR), which by chance connects with the surrounding countries in the Balkans, where there are these birds – Romania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Albania.

Of course, two more new sections have been added:

Section C2 Canaris Chant Español and

Section C3 Slavujar