Sections I, J, K, L, M and N – PARROTS

Consultants and editors of this sectionmr Dusko Matosic, OMJ judge for parrots from Croatia, dr Slobodan Ivic, national judge for parrots from Serbia and mr Grigoris Agelis, national judge  for parrots from Greek.


DEFINITIVE LIST-PARROTS – Such a list has never existed before! It is made according to the latest nomenclature!

The list of parrot names was prepared by the authors:
Dipl. biologist Zeljko Stanimirovic, Belgrade
Prim. sc. dr stomat. Slobodan Ivic, Velika Plana
Anyone who takes over this list, in order to protect copyright, is obliged to state the original name, source and authors of this document!

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sections K, L, M and N – PARAKITES