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ENJOY BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS OF BIRDS !!!     from an exceptional connoisseur of birds in nature and aviculture, a prominent breeder and an excellent photographer mr Luic Leducq. I thank him for the provided photos that beautified my website and created an extremely pleasant atmosphere for you, website visitors! Also, I would like to thank him for providing to me beautiful photos of quality exhibition specimens of zebra finches for my books ZEBRA FINCH – standards and judging – in English and Serbian


Dear visitors of our website, members of the International internet Association of Breeders and Bird Lovers “Exotic Birds-Kulic” and subscribers of the magazine for bird breeders and bird lovers “Avi Kula”, I inform you that after a long period of absence due to staying abroad for the purpose of training in the field of aviculture and ornithology updated this website, which will be regular and continuous in the future!

I hope you won’t blame me for this and that you understand the situation, which will be in the interest of all of us, because it is aimed at increasing the scope of knowledge and practical experience in the field of aviculture and ornithology, not only for me, but indirectly, all of us! These positive changes will be manifested through your questions and the quality answers of my fellow experts in various fields and my answers, as well as through reading new posts and presentations on the website and covering topics in our magazine “Avi Kula”!

I am glad that many of you remained faithful to this website, that you visit it regularly and that you read the magazine “Avi Kula”, which for the same reasons had an interruption in publication.

Recently, the new “Avi Kula”, double issue 9/10, was published and was sent to all subscribers for the year 2022/23.

At the same time, I use the opportunity to invite all interested readers to overpay for the year 2024, so that we can continue our association. For all information and questions, you can contact the editor-in-chief Slobodan Kulic’s e-mail address: exoticbirds.kulic@gmail.com or slobodan.kulic@yahoo.com

I also invite all interested, current and future members of our international Internet Association “Exotic birds-Kulic” to contact us with their questions, comments, suggestions and if they are able to renew the membership fee for 2024. For all information and questions, you can contact the editor-in-chief Slobodan Kulic’s e-mail address: exoticbirds.kulic@gmail.com or slobodan.kulic@yahoo.com

As members of this international internet group, which is already numerous, in addition to the free copies of the digital magazine “Avi Kula” that belong to you with the membership fee, you will be able to enjoy numerous professional articles, presentations and informative texts published on this website intended for site visitors. Also, upon request, you will be able to receive COM/OMJ standards for different types of birds with expert comments, get answers to all questions, read the most interesting and frequent questions and experiences of other Group members, participate inplanned  interesting and similar activities.

I am glad that we are actively socializing again!

I greet you and I want you to enjoy socializing with each other and socializing with birds!

Sincerely yours, Slobodan Kulic