COMMON FINCHES -Domesticated Exotic birds

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Consultants and editors: Alessandro Paparella, Secretary of the OMJ and OMJ judge for exotic birds, Vladimir Oparnica, OMJ judge for exotic birds and Slobodan Kulic, OMJ judge for exotic birds.

List of all COMMON FINCHES – Domestified species of exotic birds

COMMON FINCHES – Domesticated Exotic birds:

Zebra finch Taeniopygia gutatta castanotis

Bengalese finches – Lonchura domestica

Jawa sparrows – Padda orizivora

Gouldian finch – Cholebia gouldiae

Yellow-billed Long-tailed Grass finch – Poephila acuticauda acuticauda

Long-tailed Grass finch hecki – Poephila acuticauda hecki

Sparrow Finch – Stagonopleura (Emblema) guttata

Parson Finch – Poephila cincta

Cherry Finch – Neochmia (Aidemosyne) modesta

Star Finch – Neochmia ruficauda

Bicheno Finch – Taeniopygia ( Peophilla) bichenovii

Parrot Finch – Erythrura psittacea

Blue-headed Parrot Finch – Erythrura trichroa

Silverbill – Lonchura cantans

Indian Silverbill – Lonchura malabarica

Cut-throat finch – Amadina fasciata

Red-headed Amadina – Amadina fasciata

Fringillidae Genus Carduelis (Spinus) (uniquement cucullata and magellanica)

Fringillidae Genus Carpodacus (uniquement mexicanus)