NEW!!! song canary SLAVUJAR

Design by Shana Kulic, Ljubisa Grujic and Slobodan Kulic

Dear fans of canaries birds and their songs,
We would like to inform you that in January 2020, at this year’s 58th World Ornithological Championship, which was held in Matosinhos, Portugal, in the ocean port of Porto, in the beautiful and large exhibition space of the “Exponor” after the last presentation of the our new breed, as well as after the competition and evaluation and at the end of the proclamation of the champion, our “Slavujar” was proclaimed a new recognized COM/OMJ exhibition class of canaries of the song and from next year, 2021, we hope in Valencia in Spain to be exhibited within the new competition COM/OMJ Section marked C-3!
Personally, as an active participant in this long process, I thank all the deserving participants in the process of creating and recognizing this race of canary songs and congratulate them on this great success – an endeavor!
That would be proud for pioneers in creating this race – Aleksandar Didic, Borivoje Bidzic, Jovan Jovanovic – Sunder, Bora Petrovic, Aleksandar Pavlovic…, who unfortunately are no longer among us as well as all those who during the past 70 years, directly or indirectly participated in the creation and shaping of this race and thus created all the conditions for its recognition, which has now happened to the joy of all of us!!!
From the many texts – articles by Slobodan Kulic, all interested people in the world learned about this breed of ours by reading texts in various languages ​​published in many world magazines for bird lovers and breeders, from Argentina and Brazil to France, Croatia and Serbia! You can see and read some of these texts on this website as well!
Also, from the article on history, you can at this web site find out all the details that formed the mosaic of this great world success of Serbian aviculture like cubes!
Only forward in new success, respected breeders of this breed with a unique and specific bird song that is very – irresistibly reminiscent of the song Common nightingale (Luscinia megarhynchos)!
Slobodan Kulic

20 01 slavujar web – France

Song canary Slavujar – Photo dr Slobodan Ivic