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A beautiful and effective appeal for the protection of birds!

Although more for symbolic than practical reasons, this photo shows a tree never seen before, more beautiful than a Christmas tree and more impressive than any, even the most noble fruit tree.

Unfortunately, I unsuccessfully searched for the author of the photo via the FB network with the intention of asking him to assign the copyright and ask him how the photo was created, who are the actors in this endeavor – individual protectors and lovers of birds and nature or a some bird protection society and what is their message and how many nests are there in fact because I managed to count the ones I saw and came to the number 128, I somehow came to the conclusion, assuming that there are so many more on the other side of the tree canopy that there are over 250 in total?
The author of this “artistic – protective” work, know how many of them were hung and how, as well as how much effort and time it took to make this impressive work. It would be nice to read a story about this, so I hope that the author will come forward and make us happy with his interesting story!