AVI KULA – the promotional “pilot” number (identical to Avi Fauna no. 40, editor S. Kulic)

AVI KULA – trial numberContents

Song performance mechanism05
Recognized new race – breed singing canary – Spanish singer El cantor Espano09
Interesting facts – canaries of unusual feather color010
Rare breeds of canaries of stature: Persian canary012
Rare breeds of canary stature: Australian smooth-headed014
The book “Beak” is also in German017
Dun fallow blue Agapornis fischeri018
Are there red Budgerigar?020
Mutations of blue-yellow are – Ara araruana022
Visiting breeder Antal Pletikosic024
Exotic birds
Ringneck doves – mutations (part one)025
COM key proposal for Bengalese finch029
Avifauna of Europe
Color mutation genetics in Goldfinches032
Ornithology – Protection
Nutrition, disease and treatment  
Working weekend in Povoa de Verzim040
In Memorijam: Piet Onderdelinden043
Amazon on fire044
Bird massacre in Italy045
Regular (and elective) assembly of the SOF046
Extraordinary and regular assembly of SO SOF047
SO SOF Expert Seminary048
Championships and exhibitions
Report from the 60th ornithological championship of Serbia049